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Employee Relations Purpose I&C values its workforce and is committed to engaging those employees and suppliers best suited to delivering I&C's services. The ongoing success of I&C is supported by the mutual respect and co-operation shown by all employees towards each other and our Company, and their commitment to promoting a harmonious working environment. Committed employees are crucial to the consistent delivery of high quality services and they are a major factor in maintaining the confidence of customers giving us a significant advantage in winning and renewing business. We work to foster an atmosphere of mutual trust, harmony and respect amongst our employees and the customers we serve. Approach " Promote a culture where the well being of all employees is an overriding consideration " Promote continuous improvement to ensure that work processes are monitored and developed to improve efficiency and support job satisfaction " When appropriate, provide training and development opportunities to all employees to improve their skills and performance. " Ensure remuneration and other terms and conditions of employment comply with the relevant industrial instrument " Work pro-actively with employees, contractors and clients to maintain harmonious work environment. " Ensure our work place policies and procedures operate effectively through regular communication and consultation with all employees " Exercise an open line of communication and encourage all employees to voice any concerns, ideas for improvement and participate in staff meetings. " Introduce a performance based management system As part of our continuing commitment to Employee Relations, I&C Instrumentation & Electrical places special emphasis on the welfare and safety of our employees. General Manager: Nigel Cope I&C Instrumentation & Electrical Pty Ltd
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